SBI Customer Care Number and Email Id for All States

क्या आप भी एक SBI Bank के Customer है? क्या आपको भी कभी न कभी अपने Account Number के regarding कोई न कोई problem आती है? ऐसी Condition मे हम सबसे पहले Customer helpline Number पर Call करते है, मगर क्या आप जानते है की sbi customer care toll-free number को कैसे Find करे? अगर आपके पास SBI credit Card है  तो आप sbi credit card customer care helpline number को किस तरह से  find out करे? sbi customer care number for all States की पूरी जानकारी के लिए इस Article को पूरा पढे?

SBI Customer Care Number and Email Id for All States?

sbi customer care

  • SBI Phone Banking-24×7 just dial:-1800112211
  • SBI Phone Banking-24×7:- 1800 425 3800 
  • SBI Customer Care No:-1800 110 009
  • SBI credit card customer care:-1800 180 1290

SBI Customer Care All Indian Numbers

SBI के Indian Customer Care का number पर बात करने के लिए आप नीचे दिये गए Numbers पर Call करके आसानी से बातचीत कर सकते है।

  • SBI Credit cards Customer Care Number–1860 180 1290
  • SBI (Customer Care-24×7):- 080 2659 9990 
  • SBI (Available Credit limit) Number:-8422 8455 13 
  • SBI(“BAL” CALL/SMS) all Number:-09223766666
  • SBI (“BAL” SMS) Number:-09223866666
  • SBI (Status of Credit card last payment) contact no:-8422 8455 15 

SBI Bank Phone Banking Service Activation Numbers?

 (SBI Phone Banking Services all Numbers just dial):-18004253800 / 1800 11 2211

sbi customer care number

अगर आपको SBI Bank  की official website पर जाकर कुछ भी important Updates को देखना है तो आप इस Link पर Click करके बहुत ही आसानी से SBI Bank  की official website पर जा सकते है।  Click here to go official website—SBI Official Website

sbi website

SBI Bank Missed Call Service or SMS all Services

Description SMS Format just type these Formats Give Missed Call or SMS to this particular number
SBI Last Clear Balance BAL 09223766666
SBI Mini Statement
or Last 5
MSTMT 09223866666
SBI E-Statement
Last 6 month
ESTMT <space> <Account Number> <space> <code>

Where Code is any 4 digit number of your choice which
will be used to encrypt the PDF attachment

SBI Education         Loan
Interest Certificate
ELI <space> <Account Number> <space> <code> 09223588888

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SBI Official App Download just Click it

SBI App Download Now

SBI Social Sites Important Links Details

SBI बैंक के सभी Important Social Sites के Links आपको Provide कर रहा हु, आप यहा से सभी Socials Media Platforms मे Visit कर सकते है। 

SBI Bank Customer Care Number for All States?


  • (State of Karnataka)
    General Manager
    State Bank of India,
    Local Head Office,
    65, St. Mark’s Road, Bangalore-560 001.
  • E-mail:
    Grievance Cell Tel no. :
    (080) 25943030, 25943500
    Fax no. : (080) 22124018, 25943125


  • (State of Gujarat & Union Territories of Daman and Dadra & Nagar Haveli)
    General Manager
    State Bank of India,
    Local Head Office, Bhadra,
    Ahmedabad-380 001
  • E-mail:
    Grievance Cell Tel no. :
    07925510883 , 25506648 , 25506050
    Fax no. 


  • (States of M.P. Chhatisgarh)
    General Manager
    State Bank of India,
    Local Head Office, Hoshangabad Road,
    Bhopal-462 01
  • E-mail:
    Grievance Cell Tel no. :
    07552576851, 2575226
    Fax no. : (0755) 4059200 , 2550106


  • (U.T. of Chandigarh & States of H.P., J & K, Punjab and the districts of Haryana other than those mentioned under Delhi)
    General Manager State Bank of India, Local Head Office,
    Sector-17-B, Chandigarh-160 017
  • E-mail:
    Grievance Cell Tel no. :
    (0172)2707391 2707390, 4567633,4567193,4567120
    Fax no. (0172) 2713968, 2720234


  • (State of Tamil Nadu & U.T. of Pondicherry)
    General Manager
    State Bank of India,
    Local Head Office,
    Circle top House,
    16, College Lane,
    Chennai-600 006
  • E-mail:
    Grievance Cell Tel no. :
    (044) 28214285, 28266141
    Fax no : (044)28214381


  • (7 States of North-East)
    General Manager
    State Bank of India,
    Local Head Office,
    A.T. Road, Bharalumukh,
    Post Box No. 103,
    Guwahati-781 009.
  • E-mail:
    Grievance Cell Tel no. :
    (0361)2237663, 2237513
    Fax no. (0361) 2237664, 2237819


  • (State of Andhra Pradesh)
    General Manager
    State Bank of India,
    Local Head Office,
    Bank Street, Koti,
    Hyderabad – 500 095
  • E-mail:
    Grievance Cell Tel no. :
    04024756925, 23466108
    Fax no. (040)24751010


  • (State of U.P. covering districts other
    than those mentioned under New Delhi)
    General Manager
    State Bank of India, Local Head Office,
    New Administrative Bldg. ,
    Moti mahal Marg, Hazratganj,
    Lucknow-226 001
  • E-mail:
    Grievance Cell Tel no. :
    (0522) 2201492 , 2201496, 2234012, 2295936, 2230401
    Fax no. (0522) 2282573, 2231463


  • (The districts of Mumbai City, Mumbai Suburban, Thane, Palghar and Raigad in the State of Maharashtra.)
    General Manager
    State Bank of India, Local Head Office,
    Bandra Kurla Complex
    Mumbai-400 051
  • E-mail:
    Helpline (022) 6445525, 26445524
    Grievance Cell Tel no. :
    26445532, 26445533, 26445432
    ATM Department 55514539, 55514540
    Housing & Personal Loan 26445543, 26445542
    Fax no. (022) 26445505, 26445535, 26445530, 26445464


  • (State of Kerala)
    General Manager
    State Bank of India,
    Local Head Office,
    Thiruvananthapuram, Pin-695 012
  • E-mail:
    Grievance Cell Tel no. :
    (0471)2192333, 2192555, 2192666, 2192260


  • (States of Bihar and Jharkhand)
    General Manager
    State Bank of India, Local Head Office,
    Judges Court Road,
    Patna-800 001.
  • E-mail:
    Contact Number: 0612-2238388
    Grievance Cell Tel no. :
    (0612)2209078 & 2209005,2209080
    Fax no. (0612) 2209006, 2209072, 2238388

SBI Bank Customer Care Office Address

Registered Address

Air India Building, 6th Floor,
Nariman Point Mumbai,
Maharashtra, 400021
Support: 022-22870936

SBI Card all details: Helpline Nos: 1800 180 1290; 39020202;

Shri Roopam Asthana CEO: Mr. Ajay Bharti, AVP, Customer Services
PO Bag 28, GPO, New Delhi- 110 Fax: 0124-3987306

SBI Card & Payment Services Ltd
DLF Infinity Towers, Tower B 2nd Floor
DLF Cyber City, Phase II, Gurgaon – 122 001

SBI Various NRI Customer Care Numbers

Country Contact Number
New Zealand 800-449-909
Oman  800-757-92
Qatar  00800-100-157
Russia  810-800-293-010-12
Saudi Arabia 800-814-4209
Germany  800-183-0736
Hong Kong 800-932-045
India  1800 425 3800 or 1800 11 2211 or 080-26599990 (chargeable)
Italy   800-789-407
Japan   006-633-812-439
Netherlands  800-022-3031
Singapore  800-101-2333
South Africa 800-982-360
UAE 800-091-190-05
UK  808-101-7633
USA  1866-328-4209

SBI important FAQs:-





mini statements

sbi customer

Finally आज मैंने आपको SBI Customer care के regarding सभी Contacts numbers की जानकारी दी। मुझे उम्मीद है की ये जानकारी आपके बहुत काम आई होगी। 

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